Manufacturer of Sulfuryl Chloride

Shree Sulphurics is a prominent brand name in the industry market as a leading manufacturer of Sulfuryl Chloride. Sulfuryl chloride is made by reacting sulfur dioxide and chlorine. The reaction is generally done without a solvent. Sulfuryl Chloride is a colorless or light yellow to pale yellow liquid with a strong, irritating odor. It is used in making other chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and insecticides, and as a solvent, catalyst and disinfectant. Sulfuryl chloride is used as a chlorinating and sulfonating agent in organic synthesis. Our products are widely demanded by our patrons for its unmatched quality. These offered ranges of Sulfuryl Chloride are hugely demanded in the market due to its unique attributes like outstanding result, high quality, longer shelf life, and high purity. Additionally, we offer this Sulfuryl Chloride at a very affordable rate and less rate compared to other competitors.

Manufacturer of Liquid Sulfur Dioxide SO2 in India

Shree Sulphuric is considered to be one of the foremost organizations well-known as Manufacturer, Supplier and exporter of Liquid Sulfur Dioxide SO2 in India. Our offered range of Liquid Sulfur Dioxide SO2 widely used as Industrial Chemicals. This range of Liquid Sulfur Dioxide is an inorganic compound with the formula SOCl2. Offered range of reactive chemical reagent used in chlorination reactions. It is a colorless, distillable liquid at room temperature and pressure that decomposes above 140°C. It is toxic and will react violently with water to produce toxic gases; it is also listed as a Schedule 3 compound as it may be used for the production of chemical weapons. Our offered chemicals are widely used in diverse industries for different purposes such as coloring, purifying, processing industrial purpose chemicals, etc. We supply these chemicals to our customers in safe and moist-proof packaging options to avoid them from the harmful effect of environmental factors. Our offered chemicals are rigorously checked by our quality controllers before supplying to our customers assuring their faultlessness. The offered chemicals are extensively cherished by our customers for their massive features such as precise composition, accurately processed, effective, safe to use, long shelf life, odorless, effective usages and safe packaging.

Manufacturer of Thionyl Chloride

We are one of the foremost organizations recognized as a leading manufacturer of Thionyl Chloride. Thionyl chloride is an important intermediate of organic chemistry and is mainly used in medicine, pesticides, dyes and industrial organic synthesis industry as chlorinating agent. The pesticide industry contributes the major part for consumption of thionyl chloride and is mainly used for the production of inabenfide, valerate, fenvalerate, mosquito-killing dimerthrin, flucythrinate, diflubenzuron, isocarbophos, fenpropathrin, endosulfan, deltamethrin, oxazolidinone, quizalofop and warfarin. Thionyl chloride has been widely used for converting alcohol and the carboxylic acid into the corresponding acid chloride and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Sulfinic acid can have reaction with thionyl chloride to generate sulfinyl chloride.

Other Specifications of Chemicals

After several rounds of strategic investments, the plant produces the following products (we also have the capability to customise packaging depending on market needs)

  • Sulphuric Acid 98%
  • Sulphuric Acid 75-80%
  • Oleum 23%
  • Oleum 65%
  • Liquid SO3 (available in Bulk)
  • Liquid SO2 (available in 900 kg tonners, 50kg/ 5 kg cylinders)
  • Chlorosulphonic Acid ( available in Bulk )
  • Thionyl Chloride ( available in Bulk & 300 kg GI drums only )
  • Sulfuryl Chloride ( available in 300 kg GI drums only )
  • Formulated products to meet specific customer needs (ECOSHREE TM & ECOSHREE +TM )

Key RM used are:

  • Sulphur
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrochloric Acid


These products serve sectors like dyes intermediates, bulk drugs, food processing, agrochemicals and fertilizers.